SILVERFUZZ 25 Handcrafted in the Netherlands

The SilverFuzz 25 is a limited edition Fuzz pedal only available through GuitarKing in Boekel, The Netherlands. GuitarKing celebrated his 25th Anniversary in 2015 and this pedal is specially created by GuitarSystems for this milestone. GuitarKing was the first GuitarSystems dealer selling the GuitarSystems pedal line, starting in 2008.      

Transistor mode switch

With this switch the transistor set-up can be selected: Full Ge = Germanium only mode, in this mode two matched germanium transistors are used to create the original pre 1969 Fuzz Face sound. It gives a smooth character with good clean up character. Hybrid = Hybrid mode Ge/Si, in this mode a medium gain silicon transistor is matched with a high gain germanium transistor. This results in increased gain and “Fuzzyness”, a “controlled” past 1969 Fuzz Face sound. When gain and TMF are fully open you can create a farthing, gating Fuzz sound. 


This control adjusts the sustain and harmonics. You can go from a “farthing” sound to a dynamic open sound turning it clockwise. A side effect is that it also increases the overall volume level.


The Treble Mid Full. adjustment controls the frequency boost range by adjusting the signal low frequency content. Turning it from left to right the sound characters shifts from Treble through Mid to Full(range) boost. In Full position this device is acting as a standard Fuzz. In Treble to Mid position the bass content will be reduced and the SilverFuzz will act as a distortion with increased dynamics. This control interacts with the gain control; when gain is fully open the control has the biggest influence. 

The PaulSwitch®

Robust true bypass switching mechanism providing consistent and lasting switching even when abused during stage performances and avoiding Tone sucking in bypass mode. 

External power supply (noise reduced and protected)

Use a standard 9V external power supply without inducing noise or changing the character of the sound. This is a common problem with Fuzz Faces (clones). Warning: a PNP transistor setup is used resulting in a positive ground so the SilverFuzz 25 cannot be used together with other negative ground pedals (most modern pedals) sharing a common power supply (channel)
Reverse voltage protection - protect the sensitive germanium transistor and keeping the pedal running for many years to come.
Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) suppression - no radio signal reception when using high gain settings in combination with turning down guitar volume. This is a common problem using high gain boost effects, caused by the antenna effect of the guitar cable. 
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