Mayones Aquila Cardinal - Adam Christianson Signature

Mayones Aquila Cardinal - Adam Christianson Signature

Together with Adam Christianson of the metalcoreband Architects, Mayones developed the Mayones Aquila Cardinal. A traditional looking guitar with modern features. This guitar includes a TKO exclusive Calibrated set of Ceramic bridge humbucker and Alnico neck humbucker pickups. These pickups are specially designed and tuned for Mayones Guitars & Basses by Bare Knuckle Pickups founder Tim Mills. The body is made out of American Ash T.E.W. combined with the bolted 1-piece maple T.E.W. neck with two graphite rods, provides ultimate stability and snappy tone.

Perfection of craft & design

The guitar will be available with a 25.4″ neck or a 27″ – baritone neck.

The Aquila Cardinal gives you the best of both worlds traditional looks and modern playability. The build is amazing as all Mayones guitars are. “Adam Christianson, Architects.”


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