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Mayones Aquila Cardinal - Adam Christianson Signature

Together with Adam Christianson of the metalcoreband Architects, Mayones developed the Mayones Aquila Cardinal. A traditional looking guitar with modern features. This guitar includes a TKO exclusive Calibrated set of Ceramic bridge humbucker and Alnico neck humbucker pickups. These pickups are specially designed and tuned for Mayones Guitars & Basses by Bare Knuckle Pickups founder Tim Mills. The body is made out of American Ash T.E.W. combined with the bolted 1-piece maple T.E.W. neck with two graphite rods, provides ultimate stability and snappy tone.

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Kauffmann Cozy Models

After a couple of years building Kauffmann guitars, they thought it would be really cool to design a guitar from scratch. Make it a really good guitar designed with the guitar player in mind. Then they realized that there were so many good ideas floating around, so many parts that are useful that starting from scratch was silly. They then decided that at least they would need a new guitar body as a platform for all there ideas. A offset body, big, light and extremely comfortable. So, they started drawing. 

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