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Guitarking was founded in 1989 by the current owners Frans and Wilma van Dommelen from Boekel. Their business is now widely recognized as a highly professional, stylish and reliable guitar specialist shop, for both novice and advanced guitar players.

By now more than 25 years of experience and product knowledge in the industry is their range of carefully composed and keep moving because they are constantly looking for new and interesting products. Moreover Guitar King guarantees a good quality / price guarantee and known for their excellent aftersales.

The repair service with specially trained staff is an important part of. And then of course the jewel in the guitar world: King Guitar Custom Shop Lounge. You can not get around as a guitar player, here you have been. Experience the difference: Guitar King Boekel, guitar specialty shop!

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Why Guitarking?

  1. 1 More than 25 years of specialized experience
  2. 2 Personal approach and custom advice
  3. 3 Technical service and after sales
  4. 4 Full line dealer Gibson and Fender
  5. 5 Fast service and delivery

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