MXR Clone Looper M303

MXR Clone Looper M303 MXR Clone Looper M303 MXR Clone Looper M303 MXR Clone Looper M303 MXR Clone Looper M303 MXR Clone Looper M303 MXR Clone Looper M303
  • MXR Clone Looper M303
  • MXR Clone Looper M303
  • MXR Clone Looper M303
  • MXR Clone Looper M303
  • MXR Clone Looper M303
  • MXR Clone Looper M303
  • MXR Clone Looper M303
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Productcode: M303
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€ 179,-

Whether you’re practicing at home, captivating audiences with improvisational compositions onstage, or weaving intricate sonic tapestries in the studio, the Clone Looper Pedal has you covered. Packed into a standard MXR housing that’s built like a tank, it’s easier to use and delivers higher fidelity signal reproduction than any other looper of its type—hands down.

The MXR Clone Looper Pedal is highly engineered for incredible sound quality, comes packed with features in a pedalboard-friendly housing, and can be as simple or complex as your needs dictate. Everything you expect from an MXR pedal, in other words.

Just plug in, power up, and start recording an unlimited number of layers—up to 6 minutes long—that will be stored even when the pedal is off. A super convenient LED gives you a flashing 4 count to the beginning of the loop so you can keep your overdubs tight. Loops can be stopped and started in an instant, and your most recent layer can be undone just as fast. Run effects to your heart’s content—with storage sample rates up to 88.2kHz, so this little box will handle even high-gain distortion with ease. To keep your pre-loop signal intact, the MXR team also included an analog through-path. On top of that, the Clone Looper Pedal can be set for either buffered bypass or true bypass switching to accommodate your tone and signal needs.

The Clone Looper Pedal also comes packed with options for sonic explorers, from changing up the speed of your loop—to double-speed (3 minutes of recording time) or half-speed (12 minutes)—to reversing it entirely. Connecting an MXR Tap Tempo Switch to the CTR jack allows you to control all of these functions externally. The EXP jack provides further external control options when you connect a DVP volume pedal to adjust the loop’s output level or an MXR Tap Tempo Switch to engage Play Loop Once mode, which allows you to pull off smooth live performances and re-trigger your loop over and over again for DJ-style stutter effects.

  • REC/DUB footswitch controls loop, recording and clear loop quickly functions
  • VOLUME knob controls output level, loop speed, loop direction and clear loop quietly functions
  • PLAY/STOP footswitch controls loop playback and undo/redo functions
  • CTR jack allows tap switch to control loop speed, loop direction, and clear loop quietly functions
  • EXP jack allows expression pedal to set output level or tap switch to engage Play Loop Once mode


Connect an expression pedal to the M303’s EXP jack with a TRS cable. Use the rocker to adjust loop volume. This will disable the VOLUME knob.To reenable the VOLUME knob after disconnecting the expression pedal, simply twist the VOLUME knob past 12 o’clock twice.


Connect an MXR Tap Tempo Switch to the M303’s EXP jack with a mono cable. To initiate Play Loop Once mode, tap the switch. The green PLAY/STOP LED will flash until the loop ends. Tapping the switch at any time during the loop’s duration will re-trigger the loop, allowing for a stuttering effect.


Connect an MXR Tap Tempo Switch to the M303’s CTR jack. You can now use the tap switch to control the speed and direction of the loop as well as clear the loop quietly.


The M303 uses buffered bypass switching by default. To enable true bypass switching, press and hold the VOLUME knob while powering up the pedal.

Pedal Specs

  • Input Impedance 1MΩ
  • Output Impedance 100 Ω
  • Maximum Intput Level +5dBV
  • Maximum Output Level +5dBV
  • Frequency Response 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Noise Floor -97 dBV
  • Sampling Rate 44.1 kHz
  • Current Draw 225 mA
  • Power Supply 9 volts DC

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