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Guitarsystems Guitarking Silverfuzz 25 Guitarsystems Guitarking Silverfuzz 25 Guitarsystems Guitarking Silverfuzz 25
  • Guitarsystems Guitarking Silverfuzz 25
  • Guitarsystems Guitarking Silverfuzz 25
  • Guitarsystems Guitarking Silverfuzz 25
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SILVERFUZZ 25 Handcrafted in the Netherlands

The SilverFuzz 25 is a limited edition Fuzz pedal only available through GuitarKing in Boekel, The Netherlands. GuitarKing celebrated his 25th Anniversary in 2015 and this pedal is specially created by GuitarSystems for this milestone. GuitarKing was the first GuitarSystems dealer selling the GuitarSystems pedal line, starting in 2008. History The Fuzz Face is the most famous type of fuzz pedal and has become a legend amongst guitarist World Wide because of its dynamic character. It is originally developed in 1966 by a London based company called Dallas Arbiter. The Fuzz Face is known in two configurations (1) the pre 1969 version executed with germanium transistors and (2) the post 1969 silicon transistors based version. They both have a different distinct sound character germanium is soft and bluesy, silicon has more gain and sounds more harsh, thus more rock character. Jimmy Hendrix used both of them the Germanium version on the Album “Axis Bold as Love” and the silicon version on “The Band of Gypsies” album.

The germanium Fuzz Face was replaced by the silicon version because germanium transistor could not be produced consistently with regard to gain, leakage & hiss, making the Fuzz Face highly variable with regard to sound quality. Also the temperature stability of (leaky) germanium transistors is low and prone to failure when temperature rises above standard temperatures. The silicon transistor does not have these problems and is thus more economical for “mass” production.

Technology concept The core of the Fuzz Face is a dual transistor voltage feedback amplifier. The voltage feedback principle is intended to get more gain from a lower gain transistor, in the Fuzz Face it creates the typical touch sensitive character and dynamic response on the use of the guitar volume knob, the so called “clean up” effect turning down volume as depicted below.

The SilverFuzz is fully individually handcrafted and tweaked device that contains the best and flexible fuzz sounds. The SilverFuzz is essentially a Fuzz Face extended with features that increase operating flexibility and solve short comings of the original design but do not change the original Fuzz Face sound character. These features are: Germanium only or Hybrid transistor set-up - The SilverFuzz is equipped with a selectable transistor set-up mode providing a mellow bluesy and an increased gain fuzzy sound character. Germanium only mode, in this mode two matched germanium transistors are used to create the original pre 1969 Fuzz Face sound. It's the sound of Jimmy Hendrix on Axis Bold as Love. Hybrid mode, in this mode a low gain silicon transistor combined with a high gain germanium transistor. This results in increased gain, treble, compression and “Fuzzyness”. It's the sound of Jimmy Hendrix on Band of Gypsy’s.

T.M.F. adjustment - dial in the amount of bass going from a thick fuzzy character to a dynamic distortion sound. Increased output level - a better volume balance between effect on /off. The SilverFuzz has about 2x the output level of the original Fuzz Face.

External power supply (noise reduced) - use a standard 9V external power supply without inducing noise or changing the character of the sound. This is a common problem with Fuzz Faces (clones).

Warning: a PNP transistor setup is used resulting in a positive ground so the SilverFuzz 25 cannot be used together with other negative ground pedals (most modern pedals) sharing a common power supply (channel) Reverse voltage protection - protect the sensitive germanium transistor and keeping the pedal running for many years to come.

Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) suppression - no radio signal reception when using high gain settings in combination with turning down guitar volume. This is a common problem using high gain boost effects, caused by the antenna effect of the guitar cable. The PaulSwitch® - Robust true bypass switching mechanism providing consistent and lasting switching even when abused during stage performances and avoiding Tone sucking in bypass mode.

Character and typical usage

The SilverFuzz is a flexible effect pedal that can create sounds characters from a fat gating fuzz sound to mild distortion and all in between. It is a very dynamic effect following the dynamics of your playing style by articulating the volume differences and attack. You can go from a transparent clean sound via crunch to high gain by using your playing dynamics and guitar volume knob. Most users keep the effect on all the time!

When using a clean amp setting the sound will bright and trebly. When using a light crunch setting will result in a less trebly sound with increased compression. Important: Like the original Fuzz Face, the SilverFuzz should be used with a clean or light crunch setting of your amp to get the optimum sound character. Using it with high Gain settings of your amp will reduce the dynamics significantly and will increase the noise level.


The SilverFuzz should be connected directly with a cable to the guitar with no effects in between the SilverFuzz and the guitar. Using a Wah pedal in combination with the SilverFuzz Unlike the Fuzz Face the SilverFuzz can handle a standard Wah in front of it To have the best pronounced wah sweep the TMF and/or Gain should be set to less than 75%..

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