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Strymon Mobius Strymon Mobius Strymon Mobius Strymon Mobius Strymon Mobius
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  • Strymon Mobius
  • Strymon Mobius
  • Strymon Mobius
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€ 475,-

We've been insanely busy in the Strymon labs over the last year.

Brewing up the most organic, warm, luscious, and versatile modulation effects we could build.

The new Mobius can be seen as 'the modulation effect version of the award-winning Timeline'.

It has 12 different modulation effects in one FX box.

Vintage and pattern tremolos, chorus, swell effects, radical formant effects, filter effects, flangers,

phasers, rotary, plus proprietary radical Strymon creations: vibe, destroyer and quadrature which have to be heard to be believed!

It features stereo in and out on quarter inch jack as standard, (plus toggle switch for feedback loop use) plus MIDI i/o.


The Chorus machine features five distinct modes to cover all the classic chorus sounds,

from the variable-clock warmth of the dBucket, Multi, and Vibrato modes,

to the crisp and clean 80s sounds of the Digital and Detune modes.


The Flanger machine's six modes are designed to deliver the historic catalog of flanging

tones with maximum ease of use. Choose from the color-coded Silver, Grey and Black (+ and -)

modes for vintage stomp flanger tones, or go through zero back to the days of tape flanging

with the Zero+ and Zero- modes.


The Rotary machine captures the sonic swirling complexities of a variable horn and drum rotary speaker.

A variety of parameters let you shape the system's sonics and mechanics.


The Vibe machine lives and breathes with the warmth and depth that discerning vibe fans will appreciate.

Control over waveshape symmetry, low end response, and headroom allow for precise under-the-hood adjustments.


The Phaser machine's modes ensure that you're able to easily dial in chewy 2, 4 and 6 stage phasers

as well as swirly 8, 12 and 16(!) stage phasers. Each mode was painstakingly tuned for optimum sonic performance.


The flexible Filter machine gives you Low Pass, Wah, and High Pass filter modes, with resonance

control and a host of cool waveforms, including envelope control, to allow for soothing sweeps,

funky wahs, and futuristic bleeps.


Say what? The Formant machine does the talking for you.

The Formant machine provides hours of fun as a host of selectable waveforms control the selected vowels.

Select random vowels, and who knows what it'll say next?

Vintage Trem:

The Trem machine provides three historic tremolo sounds. Choose the rich complexity of the Harmonic tremolo,

the soothing pulses of the Tube tremolo, or the surf and spy sounds of the Photo tremolo.

Pattern Term:

The Pattern Trem machine allows you to sequence up to eight beats of trem subdivision for some unique rhythmic sounds.

Choose from a variety of waveforms, including smooth sinewaves, sharp saws, choppy pulses, and more.

Easily re-trigger your pattern with a single press of the tap switch.


The Autoswell machine goes beyond the typical 'volume swell' effect, giving you four different types of swell curves to choose from,

in addition to wide range of rise times. The Depth knobs brings in a chorus/vibrato effect to the swelled signal when turned up.


The Destroyer machine combines bit-crushing, sample-rate reduction, and lo-fi filtering alongside vinyl scratches and warps.

From an old-timey 78 record, to video-game nostalgia, to a heinously corrupted under-sampled buzz, the Destroyer machine

has the power, flexibility and sonic pedigree necessary to really muck things up just right.


The Quadrature machine handles another spectrum of signal corruption.

Choose from AM (amplitude modulation), FM (frequency modulation), or Frequency Shifting (single side band modulation)

to go where few have gone before. This mode is highly flexible with a variety of waveshapes to modulate the modulation.

Front panel controls:

Type – chooses modulation effects type

Value - for control of modulation parameters, global settings and LFO speed




Param 1 – assignable to any parameter

Param 2 – assignable to any parameter

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