Kool & Elfring Black Rose Amp 0.1 to 50w 2 channels Plexi / SLO style

Sale Kool & Elfring Black Rose Amp 0.1 to 50w 2 channels Plexi / SLO style Kool & Elfring Black Rose Amp 0.1 to 50w 2 channels Plexi / SLO style Kool & Elfring Black Rose Amp 0.1 to 50w 2 channels Plexi / SLO style Kool & Elfring Black Rose Amp 0.1 to 50w 2 channels Plexi / SLO style
  • Kool & Elfring Black Rose Amp 0.1 to 50w 2 channels Plexi / SLO style
  • Kool & Elfring Black Rose Amp 0.1 to 50w 2 channels Plexi / SLO style
  • Kool & Elfring Black Rose Amp 0.1 to 50w 2 channels Plexi / SLO style
  • Kool & Elfring Black Rose Amp 0.1 to 50w 2 channels Plexi / SLO style
Merk: Kool Amplification
Productcode: BR001KIT-BROW
Color: Black Rose Tolex
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€ 2.295,-€ 1.495,-

The Black Rose is the ultimate blend of SLO overdrive and vintage Plexi tone, but with better dynamic response and less compression.

The Black Rose features two channels:

Channel 1 can be set to Clean mode or to Super Lead mode. It can cover clean to crunch.

Channel 2 is the Black Rose channel, with more gain and compression.

Black Rose features an SVC (Seamless Volume Control), that is foot-switchable between Volume and Boost settings, seamlessly setting the output of the amp anywhere between 0.1 and 50 watts, and allowing you to set a rhythm level and a solo boost level by adjusting the wattage.

Last but not least, the Black Rose features a tube-buffered effects loop with a foot-switchable true-bypass option.

The Black Rose is 95% hand-wired. For some components, the best quality is only available as PCB mounted parts. Therefore approximately 5% is constructed of FR4 thick layer PCB. The amp was entirely handmade in the Netherlands.

FYI: Kool & Elfring is nowadays called Kool Amplification. If you want us to replace the old logo with the new one, for example to match your Kool Amplification cab, please let us know.

Channels and Modes:

  • Channel 1, Clean mode (gain pot is pushed in): ranges from sparkling and dynamic clean sounds, morphing through sweet and organic edge-of-breakup tones if you turn up the gain a little, and providing dynamic and three-dimensional crunch sounds with the gain set to 3 o'clock or higher.
  • Channel 1, Super Lead mode (gain pot is pulled out) changes Channel 1 to a very flexible plexi-style circuit by dramatically altering several parameters. Like the original plexi, the sound of this Mode is three-dimensional and open sounding with super tight bass response and very pronounced mids. When the gain-pot is turned up, it is still easy to ‘clean up’ with the volume-control-pot on your guitar.
  • Channel 2, the Black Rose channel, starts off at minimum gain with a crunch sound comparable to Channel 1 Clean mode at maximum gain, but with more compression. Low gain settings will deliver cool crunchy 60s sounds. Turn up the gain to reach amazing compressed 80s style crunch. Past 2 o’clock you’ll be entering ‘overdrive territory’, sounding harmonically rich: full and fat, yet tasteful, organical and musical. Channel 2 sounds naturally compressed, with super tight bass (no mud!), tasty harmonics and unparalleled sustain. At all gain settings, you'll easily cut through the mix and will still be able to clean up your sound by turning down your guitar's volume knob.


  • 2 fully independent channels / 3 modes in total:
    • Channel 1, Clean mode
    • Channel 1, Super Lead mode
    • Channel 2, Black Rose
  • SVC (Seamless Volume Control) adjusts the amp's output seamlessly between 0,1 watt and 50 watts, without tone loss even at bedroom levels.
  • SVC volume boost: a second SVC volume control, intended to be used as a solo level by setting the amp to a higher power. This boost works on both channels.
  • True bypass effects loop, footswitchable and buffered by a 12AU7 tube, featuring a Send-level-knob to attenuate or boost the effects loop.
  • Controls:
    • Channel 1: Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, Master
    • Channel 2: Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, Boost, Master
    • Power: Presence, Volume (SVC)
    • On the back: Power Input, Speaker Outputs, Impedance Switch (4, 8, 16 Ohms), Send, Return, Send Level, Manual switches for Channel 1/2, FX Loop On/Off, Manual / Footswitch, Footswitch input
    • On the footswitch: Switches for Ch1/Ch2, FX Loop On/Off, Boost On/Off
  • Output: 50 Watts R.M.S. (can be scaled down to 0,1 Watt)
  • 2 x EL34 power tubes
  • 6 x pre-amp tubes: 4 x 12AX7, 1 x 5751, 1 x 12AU7 (effects loop)
  • Outputs 4, 8, 16 Ohm or 2x16, 2x8 Ohm
  • Weight: approx. 24 kg
  • Dimensions: H=30 cm W=69 cm D=30 cm
  • Handsoldered / handwired in the Netherlands by Kool & Elfring
  • Hybrid turretboard / printed circuit board (best of both worlds)
  • Handwired signal path
  • Finish & Construction: Handmade A to Z bij Kool & Elfring
  • 9 ply lightplex cabinet, full dovetail wood joints
  • Two leather handles for excellent grip
  • High quality vinyl covering, nickel plated corners
  • Tolex: 'Black Rose'

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