Kool Amplification Marvell Amp 20-50 Watt Plexi Head

Kool Amplification Marvell Amp 20-50 Watt Plexi Head Kool Amplification Marvell Amp 20-50 Watt Plexi Head
  • Kool Amplification Marvell Amp 20-50 Watt Plexi Head
  • Kool Amplification Marvell Amp 20-50 Watt Plexi Head
Merk: Kool Amplification
Productcode: MARVELL-20-50-HEAD
Color: Classic Marvell
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The hot modded Marvell delivers contemporary plexi tones, featuring an ultra wide gain range, super tight low-end, fast attack, big fat plexi mids and endless sustain.

The Marvell features 2 channels, as well as a foot-switchable 'Loud & Louder' Attenuator, that sets the overall power of the amp to 20 or 50 Watts, which could be used as rhythm and solo levels, for example. The Loud and Louder settings feature independent level controls to fine-tune the desired volume difference.

Channel 1: 68 Plexi Clean

Imagine a super clean version of the original 68 Plexi with a hint of TwinR: huge, fat and open sounding 3D tube magic in action. A perfect platform for all pedals. Dial it up all the way and boost it with a clean boost pedal to go to 70s AC/DC heaven. A milder setting used with a Strat, a TS overdrive or fuzz will take you from SRV to Hendrix.

Channel 2: Contemporary Plexi Overdrive

Technically this is like a 68 Plexi with a true tube driven pre-amp booster integrated into the circuit. The result is a ultra wide gain range, ranging from subtle 70s crunch to contemporary overdrive. What makes this channel so special is the ultra-tightness of the bass, allowing you to cut through any mix, with endless amounts of sustain and gain on tap, while retaining the fattest Plexi tone imaginable.

True bypass effects loop (foot-switchable)

The Marvell's effects loop is buffered by a 12AU7 tube, which is not the cheapest solution but certainly the best, as the 12AU7 affects the original signal the least.

The effects loop’s volume knob enables you to amplify or attenuate its level.

Last but not least: You can true-bypass the effects loop with the footswitch! The bypass circuit features a double relay switch at the front and back of the loop, allowing the effects loop to totally disappear from the signal path when in bypassed mode.

  • 2 independent channels: 68 Plexi Clean and Modern Plexi Overdrive
  • Ultra wide gain range control on both channels for ultimate versatility
  • Bright switches on both channels, as well as independent Gain and Master Controls
  • Loud & Louder Attenuator: switches from 20 to 50 watts without any loss of tone or sustain, with added independent level controls for both the Loud and the Louder settings
  • Shared controls: Middle, Treble, Bass, Presence, Loud, Louder
  • True bypass effects loop with level control
  • Footswitch (channel, effects loop, 2x Loud & Louder attenuator / boost)
  • Output impedance: 4, 8, 16 Ohm or 2x16, 2x8 Ohm 
  • Output Power: 20 to 50 Watts R.M.S. (selectable Loud & Louder)
  • 2 x TAD Premium EL34B-STR power tubes
  • 4 x pre-amp tubes: 3 x 12AX7 JJ and 1 x 12AU7 TAD (effects loop)
  • Outputs 4, 8, 16 Ohm or 2x16, 2x8 Ohm
  • Overtones transformers, custom made in the UK
  • Handsoldered and handwired in the Netherlands by Kool Amplification
  • Dimensions: H=25 cm W=51 cm D=25 cm
  • Head weight: approximately 16 kg
  • 13 ply lightplex
  • Kool corner construction
  • Tolex: 'Classic Marvell'

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