Bare Knuckle Pickups BG Nickel

Bare Knuckle Pickups BG Nickel
  • Bare Knuckle Pickups BG Nickel
Merk: Bare Knuckle
Productcode: BKPGN
Color: Nickel
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€ 295,-

Bare Knuckle are becoming one of the world's most popular pickup brands thanks to their bombproof build quality and unbelievable sound no matter your style. While they may be mainly known for their metal pickups they also make an incredible range of pickups that can cover everything from those who want crystal cleans to destructive high gain madness. This pickup is based on the incredible Peter Green Les Paul sound including the famous out of phase middle position that you won't find on many other pickup sets.

The Incredible Peter Green

Even if you are not a Fleetwood Mac fan you would have heard about Peter Green and his famous out of phase tone. In the middle position with these pickups you don't just get the same old warm and fat sound you may be used to, in fact you get the opposite. Thanks to some unique neck coil winding these pickups go out of phase eliminating most high and low end leaving just the midrange. When in the normal bridge or neck positions though you get a great high end with powerful lows and slightly quieter mids than normal to keep you in the mix.

Handmade In The UK

One of the best things about Bare Knuckle pickups is the build quality. There are very few pickup companies that can claim to have the same level of build quality and consistency as these guys. All of their pickups are handmade in the UK using only the best parts possible meaning this won't be failing on you in a few years time.

Here's what Bare Knuckle say about PG Blues Pickups

Designed to replicate the tones of Peter Green's famous '59 Les Paul complete with legendary out of phase in-between tone.

The PG Blues humbucker set features Alnico II sand cast magnets, scatterwound bridge coils of 42AWG plain enamel wire and uniquely wound Heavy Formvar neck coils for the famous out of phase mid position with both humbuckers on together. Vintage-correct solid nickel silver baseplates and covers, along with totally unpotted coils, all add to the vowel-like vocal delivery, bright yet sweet highs, warm bass and trademark out of phase in-between tone.

Individually, the bridge humbucker is pure '59 PAF in tone with all the touch sensitive response you would expect from unpotted coils. The PG Blues neck humbucker, although wound out of phase with the bridge, retains a wonderful pure and fat tone of its own both clean and with overdrive.

From haunting ambient lead lines and delicate chording to all-out blues rock, the PG Blues humbuckers are for players looking for authentic vintage tone with a unique edge.


Output: Vintage

Bridge DC: 7.9K ohms

Magnet: Alnico II

Neck DC: 7.4K ohms

Magnet: Alnico II

Type: Humbucker Set

Covers: Nickel

Spacing: Standard

Strings: 6 String

Wiring: Vintage braided 2 conductor wire

Leg Length: Short


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