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Line 6 G10

In the past, wireless guitar systems have often been complicated to use—not anymore. Relay G10 features an extremely simple and intuitive design that makes it easy to rock. Just plug in the 1/4” transmitter, and the receiver will automatically select the best channel. G10 also makes switching instruments a breeze—the transmitter works with nearly all guitar types*. Plus, thanks to separate XLR and 1/4” outs, you get flexibility in your choice of outputs. No complicated menus. No tedious setup. No hassle.
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Customize Gibson les paul HP model

The 2014 and 2015 Les Paul Standard guitars provide 13 unique pickup sounds—way beyond the usual bridge, neck, or both options—thanks to combining push/pull knobs with the standard pickup selector switch.  And now, the high-performance versions of the 2016 Les Paul Studio and Standard guitars provide even more versatility, thanks to a small, user-adjustable set of switches located in the control cavity. These let you “rewire” your guitar to give it different sonic personalities, without voiding your warranty—or heating up a soldering iron.


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Gibson 2016 High Performance

Gibsons 2016 HP lineup is the modern incarnation of the original Gibson line up with a futuristic set of premium, high-performance features. Fast Access heel, Adjustable titanium zero fret nut, New soloist's neck width Improved G FORCE tuners, Smooth silent-action toggle switch, New gold plated multi-contact jack, Dip switch for over 150 rewiring options * Les Paul Studio 2016 HP and Les Paul Standard 2016 HP only, Higher grade wood selection, Genuine Mother of Pearl inlays, Fortified aluminum case, * Specific Models Only. See product page for details.
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Wijziging personeel

Het is inmiddels al weer enige tijd geleden dat er binnen het team van Guitarking wijzigingen hebben plaats gevonden. Wij zijn altijd oprecht trots en tevreden geweest op ons team. Iedereen heeft altijd op zijn of haar manier een steentje bij gedragen en doet waar hij of zij goed in is om ons team te versterken. Op deze manier willen we u als klant altijd zo goed mogelijk van dienst zijn. In dit nieuwsbericht leest u de meer over de wijziging die nu zullen gaan plaats vinden.
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